Trevi Fountain

Piazza di Trevi    Rome 00187, Provincia di Roma, Lazio    Italy, IT
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The Trevi Fountain, (In Italian: Fontana di Trevi) built under the pontificate of Clement XII around 1735 along Palazzo Poli, is the work of architect Nicolò Salvi and is still fed by the Virgin aqueduct designed in 19 aC. from the consul Agrippa.

The origin of the name finds two hypotheses from the ancient origin of Rome: some attribute it to the Latin name "regio trivii", wanting to indicate the crossroads of three streets where the ancient Roman source stood; others claim that the name comes from "Trivia", a maiden who pointed to the source road to Marco Agrippa, who returned victorious in Rome following Anzio's victory over Antonio.

The aqueduct restoration project was entrusted to Leon Battista Alberti and to Bernardo Rossellino and commissioned by Pope Nicolò V Parentucelli.

In 1730, 90 years later, Pope Clement XII will ban a contest, won by Nicola Salvi, for the final realization of the Trevi Fountain.

In the largest niche in the center, alongside Corinthian columns, the imposing Oceano statue, designed by Giovan Battista Maini but carved by Pietro Bracci, carries a shell-shaped carriage driven by a triton and towed by two winged, one irox and the other placid while at the sides are located the personifications of the Salubrity and the Abundance of Philip Della Valle.

The penthouse of the Trevi Fountain is decorated by four personified statues representing, from the left, "the abundance of the fruits" by Augustine Corsini, "the fertility of the fields" of Bernardino Ludovisi, "the Doni dell'autunno" by Francesco Queirolo and "the Pleasure of the Meadows" by Bartolomeo Pincellotti and culminated in a great inscription wanted by Pope Clement XII, whose coat of arms at the top is flanked by two Fame by Paolo Tenaglia.

The Fountain is today one of the most interesting places that attracts tourists; it is famous for the "launch of the coin" tradition and also to see the place where they were shot. many famous spots

Its atmosphere suggests at all times of the day, thanks to the shadows and sunlight reflections that give a faceted color to the frosty water of the fountain.


Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain


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