La Venaria Reale

Piazza della Repubblica 4, Venaria Reale    Torino , Provincia di Torino, Regione Piemonte    Italy, IT
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La Venaria Reale is a former royal residence located in Venaria Reale that is situated near Turin.  It is one of the Residence of the Royal House of Savoy. The Palace was built from 1675. Its name means Venatio Regia (Latin) meaning "Royal Hunt". The Palace was a favourite place of hunting among royal members of the family.

La Venaria Reale consists of Reggia that is the King Palace and beautiful Gardens. Reggia consists of: Reggia di Diana (La Sala di Diana and Le Sale delle Arti), Castelvecchio, Galleria Grande, Torre dell'Orologio, Torre del Belvedere, Cappella di Sant'Uberto, Cortile dell'Abbeveratoio, Scuderie alfieriane, Scuderie alfieriane, Cortile delle Carrozze, Citroniera e Scuderia Juvarriane.

The Palace itself is rather large. The entrance of the palace leads into the Corte d'onore ("Honour Court"). The original gardens of the residence are now totally disappeared. The beautiful park that we can see today is recent works that created park in modern style.




La Venaria Reale, La Sala di Diana
La Venaria Reale, Le Sale delle Arti
La Venaria Reale, Galleria Grande
La Venaria Reale, Torre dell'Orologio
La Venaria Reale, La Cappella di Sant'Uberto
La Venaria Reale, Cortile dell'Abbeveratoio
La Venaria Reale, Scuderie alfieriane
La Venaria Reale, Cortile delle Carrozze
La Venaria Reale


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