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Post Office Killeigh,
Killeigh, Offaly,
Ireland, IE

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Telephone:+353 (057) 9344131
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Coordinates: 53° 12' 50.66388" N 7° 27' 1.23372" W
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Killeigh CCÉ perform at Launch of Fleadh '63 Mullingar ...
Killeigh CCÉ perform at Launch
Glenisk - collect to claim - collect to claim
A Witch in a Fix
Monday8:25 - 14:40 16:20 - 19:40
Tuesday8:25 - 14:40 16:20 - 19:40
Wednesday8:25 - 14:40 16:20 - 19:40
Thursday8:25 - 14:40 16:20 - 19:40
Friday8:25 - 14:40 16:20 - 19:40
Saturday8:25 - 14:40 16:20 - 19:40
Sundayclosed closed
Selected entrance:No
Suitable for groups:N.a.
Suitable for children:no
Home delivery:Not Applicable
Take away:No
Outdoor seating:Not Applicable
Parking customers:Not Avaible
Handicap Access:Call
No present owner
Keepers: No present keeper

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